Why Prejeksil?

  • The serotonergic system has been confirmed to be effective in the etiology of PE (Premature Ejaculation). 
  • It is supported by scientific studies that the active ingredients in Prejeksil are effective on the serotonergic system.
  • There are studies showing that Epimedium positively affects male sexual behavior. It increases the NO levels and increases sexual performance.
  • Low levels of Mg can cause PE (Premature Ejaculation) and early emissions.
  • Prejeksil offers a reason-oriented approach with Mg in it.


Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Causes PE?

Some factors detected in very few patients; Medulla spinalis tumors and traumas, multiple sclerosis, urinary tract infection, prostate infection. 
Some of the controversial disorders that are controversial today and which can be detected by special examinations in very few patients, at least in a group of patients, are thought to be the underlying causes; Nervous system dysfunctions, which are manifested by hypersensitivity of the skin of the penis, excessive sensory nerve cells in the head of the penis, inability to delay ejaculation and overactivity of smooth muscles around the penis contracted during ejaculation. 

Psychological Causes

It is claimed that excessive excitement or tension causes excessive stimulation of the ejaculation central center in the brain. According to another view, tension stimulates adrenaline discharge in the body, stimulates and accelerates rhythmic contractions of smooth muscles in the genital area, which contracts during ejaculation in the adrenaline. Problems in relationships can cause ejaculation. If a man had to ejaculate or have to ejaculate in a short time in his previous sexual experiences, this may have become a habit. Young men discharge more quickly than adults, this is an indication that male control over ejaculation increases as sexual experience increases.

Treatment Options

Behavioral Therapy: 

It is important that the ejaculation time is felt and known by the patient. Thus, a sense of satisfaction and control can be developed. For this purpose, 6--20 week exercise program is applied to patients and their spouses. In this method, patients learn to apply prolonged (15 minutes) systematic relaxation techniques, which do not result in ejaculation, which they will apply on their own or with their partner. In treatment, it is important that the person perceives the event, whether he has a sexual partner, and tries to apply the treatment with him. Using a condom: A condom acts by reducing the direct stimulation of the penis skin. Some men reported that they were less stimulated with condoms and that they were able to engage in sexual activity longer. In addition, condoms protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, it is an effective contraceptive method. 

Creams That Reduce Penis Sensitivity: 

 This treatment method is based on the application of anesthetizing drug creams to the penis skin before sexual intercourse. To prevent penile and vaginal numbness that may occur during sexual intercourse, it is recommended to wash the penis with soap just before starting the intercourse.

Drug Treatment:

The most commonly used drugs to prevent premature ejaculation are anti-depressants (depression inhibitors). One of the side effects of these drugs is to delay ejaculation, so anti-depressants are used to take advantage of this side effect. Recently, publications have been made regarding the use of drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and alpha-adrenergic blocker drugs in the treatment of premature ejaculation and they have started to be used as an alternative to treatment. 

Herbal Supplements: 

Another option frequently used to prevent premature ejaculation is herbal supplements. While drug therapy offers an instant solution, herbal supplements offer a long-term approach to completely eliminate the problem. The side effects of herbal supplements are minimal compared to medications. The use of preparations with efficacy studies is important to obtain effective results.

What is PE (Premature Ejaculation)?

According to the Turkish Andrology Association, Premature Ejaculation is always or almost always the ejaculation of the male genitalia, or within about 1 minute, before it meets the female genitalia. In all or almost all vaginal joints, there is no ability to delay ejaculation. It has negative personal consequences such as stress, depression, distress and / or sexual intercourse. 

Premature Ejaculation (Early-Fast-Quick Ejaculation) 

Ejaculation is used to define the function of ejaculation (ejaculate, semen) to be thrown out and ejaculation (ejaculation) with orgasm after sexual intercourse in men. Ejaculation disorders may occur due to an organic or psychological cause, and many drugs can cause impaired ejaculation function. 
Although premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction in men, it is usually not expressed and remains untreated. Two thirds of men may experience premature ejaculation at any time in their lives. PE was considered a psychogenic disease in the early twentieth century. Today, it has been suggested that primary PE is mostly of neuro-biological origin and subsequently developed PE, due to both medical and psychological reasons, but the etiology of both types of PE has not been fully elucidated. Experimental studies and drug treatment studies, which were performed using serotonin reuptake inhibitors and clomipramine, especially in the 1990s, enabled a better understanding of the neuro-biological basis of PE. 

Acquired PE

It is the premature ejaculation of people who have normal ejaculation experience in certain periods of their life. Most of them have psychological causes or underlying organic causes. Psychiatric or related problems and sexual performance anxiety may be due to erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, hyperthyroidism, or withdrawal / detoxification of various medications. 

Lifelong PE

Since the first sexual intercourse, ejaculation occurs in almost every relationship and with every woman in a very short time. 30-60 seconds in 80-90% of men. 1-2 minutes in the majority of the rest.

 Natural Variable PE

 It is considered to be the normal variety of sexual performance. It should not be considered as an indicator of psychopathology. The delay of ejaculation of these people is inconsistent and is related to some situations. 

Premature Ejaculation-Like Ejaculation Disorder (Subjective PE)

 Although ejaculation times are within the normal range (2-6 minutes) or sometimes long-term (5-25 minutes), PE is a complaint. It is not an organic or neurobiological disorder, but it is related to the erroneous perception of ejaculation time. In addition, due to the late orgasm of the partner, ejaculation delay time may be short.

Kegel Exercises

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